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#NoBusinessInAbuse @nobizinabuse - @CityofSydney votes to divest from corporations profiting from the abuse of asylum seekers

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Last night I spotted another link on facebook about the 'No Business in Abuse' campaign, which asks local councils to divest from companies like Broadspectrum (the new name for Transfield Services) and Wilson. These (and other corporations) profit from abusive regiments like Manus & Nauru. I mean, it isn't enough that we inflict such inhumane suffering on innocent -and legal- asylum seekers? What kind of sickness must exist within you to actually want to profit from it?

The link itself wasn't new, I'd seen, signed and shared one myself a while ago. But the news - the oh-so-bloody-marvellous news! - was from a comment below the thread...

it passed!

and then another one...

Read the statement from the council's meeting minutes below. Sure, it's 'just' a request that the CEO sign and uphold the pledge, but they LISTENED. Now we need to maintain pressure to hold them to this resolution, and encourage councils around the country to do the same.

Check the 'No Business in Abuse' link and add your name to pledge for change, then send this to the council nearest you. National campaigns can be found here:

Abuse is abuse, no matter how happy your shareholders are about the profits you make for them.

They won't shut down their sickening camps, so we'll shut down their sickening businesses. ‪#‎nobusinessinabuse‬

Congrats to City of Sydney for stepping up to the challenge (why not tweet them to say thanks?), and HUGE CONGRATS to EVERYONE behind this campaign. We know divestment works, we know collectively we have the power to push through change. We've had some momentous wins this year, and yes a few losses too, but let's end the year on a high. 


 City of Sydney council meeting minutes:

City of Sydney votes to divest from abusive business

And here's a video about the campaign lead by Human Rights lawyer Shen Narayanasamy