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sunday afternoon activists club

welcome to the sunday afternoon activists club!

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in these dark times it's hard to know where to turn. you want to help others but you also worry about paying the rent and feeding your children. so what can you do?

the sunday afternoon activists club is a light-hearted approach to activism. we know we can't change the world alone, but we also know we want to try, together.

taking inspiration from book clubs, coffee mornings, tweetups and blogmeets, we will be using this network to encourage physical gatherings and online sharing of the more positive and beautiful aspects of activism, in all its forms.

each 'meeting' can take place online or offline (or more likely, both) and we will encourage a particular book, theme or area for discussion in advance of each gathering.

this is a new community which will launch in 2015. get in touch if you would like more information or want to host your own meet up, wherever you are. My contacts can be found via

hugs xfee